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Most Expensive Items

Name Image Price Change
Barrows Partyhat800M (900M) 1B0k
Dagon Hai Top250M (275M) 300M500m
Dagon Hai Bottom250M (275M) 300M500m
Blue Infinity Top115M (130M) 150M50M
Pink Infinity Bottom115M (130M) 150M
White Infinity Top115M (130M) 150M50M
White Infinity Bottom115M (130M) 150M50M
Brown Infinity Bottom115M (130M) 150M0k
Brown Infinity Top115M (130M) 150M0k
Pink Infinity Top115M (130M) 150M
Blue Infinity Bottom115M (130M) 150M
Dagon Hai Hat250M (275M) 300M0
Blue Infinity Hat115M (130M) 150M
White Infinity Hat115M (130M) 150M
Brown Infinity Hat115M (130M) 100M0k
Pink Infinity Hat115M (130M) 150M
Zamorak d\'hide top80M (90M) 100M
Zamorak d\'hide chaps80M (90M) 100M
Zamorak Coif80M (90M) 100M
Guthix Coif80M (90M) 100M
Guthix D\'hide Body80M (90M) 100M500M
Guthix D\'hide Chaps80M (90M) 100M
Enchanted Top1B (1.5B) 2B500m
Enchanted Robe1B (1500M) 2B500m
Enchanted Hat750m (1250m) 1750m750m

Random Items

Name Image Price Change
Monk\'s Robe (top)528 (628) 7280k
Blue dhide body (g)150m (175m) 200m50m
Ring of Recoil800 (1k) 1.2k0k
Bronze Chainbody1k (1k) 1k1K
Gilded Platebody13M (15M) 18M200M
Brown Infinity Top115M (130M) 150M0k
Vestas Spear4m (5m) 6m245m
Rune Med Helm50k (50k) 50k50k
Steel Sq Shield3k (3k) 3k3k
Mithril Battleaxe5k (5k) 5k5k
Granite Legs1M (2M) 3M0K
3rd Age Full Helmet50m (60m) 70m120m
Bronze Full Helm1k (1k) 1k1K
Barrows Partyhat800M (900M) 1B0k
Saradomin Platebody20m (25m) 30m2.5m
Staff of Light20M (27M) 35M770M
Rune Full Helm10k (15k) 20k5k
Saradomin Full Helm10m (15m) 20m5m
Dragon bolts (e)100K (150K) 200K850K
Crystal Bow1m (2m) 3m38m
Armadyl Helmet8m (10m) 12m20m
Wyvern Bones70k (75k) 80k1425K
Mithril 2h Sword5k (5k) 5k5k
Rune Kiteshield40k (43k) 46k3k
Torags Helm4m (5m) 6m10m

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