The SG Donation TOS Page

1. All payments and donations are final and unrefundable.
2. If a payment is suspected as fraud, we have the right to refuse service.
3. If you are under the age of 18 years, you must have parents permission to donate.
4. If you lose any donation items, it is not refundable without a valid reason.
5. We have the right to modify any donation item with out notification.
6. We have the right to change prices with out notification.
7. We have the right to change terms and agreements with out notification.
8. The money you're sending, or the paypal account you're using, belongs to you.

-> If you choose to break these conditions, you will be punished with out notification.
->The donation limit is not to be bypassed with out notification to Brittany.
If it is bypassed, you risk serving punishment including a hostban.
If you don't know what the limit is, do not ask.
When you hit it, you'll know.

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