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Claiming Rewards

After you've donated you can then claim your rewards from the High Priest located at home

  • To get to the High Priest, type ::home then go North East to him, here's a picture

9581871acc394728ba31193.png b62827782ad9431982cae2b.png

  • When there, talk to him and if you have any pending donations, you'll receive them along with donator status.

-If you didn't donate, he'll tell you that.


-Also, you can only check every 30 seconds, this is to prevent spam checking, which would lag the server.


Why donate

Donations are great and help keep the server up.

Without donations, there wouldn't be any dedicated hosting, meaning bad up time, players online, ability to get on, all the bad things...

Donations help the server, they help pay for server costs such as...

  • Forum Hosting
  • Server Hosting
  • Advertisement


with any donation, one obtains the donator rank on the forums if desired.
With any donation amounts that add up to $100 or more, one gains access to the super donator zone.

How to donate

SilabGarza players, are lucky to have the benefits of an automatic reward system. This means that players get the item(s) they donated for as soon as the payment is completed.

What you will need to do is:

  • Choose what you are going to donate for.
  • Choose a payment method.
  • Making sure you are logged out, with 10 free inventory spaces, then send the payment.
  • Once the transaction is complete, log back in and talk to the High Priest at home to get your reward.



1. After choosing your product and continueing, enter your paypal login information.

2. Confirm the payment

3. Save the transaction ID to your computer just in case.

4. Talk to the High Priest by the Slayer Master to claim your products.


1. Choose your country, fill in your mobile number, E-Mail and type in the verification code.

2. Click on "Agree and Continue".

3. You will get a message: “Onebip to complete the registration and receive your password reply BIP to this message. $ per purchase. Txt HELP anytime.”

4. After you reply the message by txt BIP you will receive: “Onebip: thanks for registering! Your password is XXXX. Info:;"

5. Go back to the previous page and login with the Onebip password you received.

6. Accept the confirmation and press donate.

7. Now you will receive a txt message and an email from Onebip with your detailed transaction. The payment ID will be stated in the subject.

Note that your payment is not completed if you don’t have the confirmation email.


Armour Sets

Barrows Armor

Item Name Price (USD)
dharoks_helm.gif dharoks_platebody.gif dharoks_platelegs.gif dharoks_greataxe.gif Dharok's $8.00
veracs_helm.gif veracs_brassard.gif veracs_plateskirt.gif veracs_flail.gif Verac's $5.00
ahrimhood.png ahrimtop.png ahrimbottom.png ahrimstaff.png Ahrim's $5.00
guthans_helm.gif guthans_platebody.gif guthans_helm.gif guthans_warspear.gif Guthan's $5.00
karils_coif.gif karils_leathertop.gif karils_leatherskirt.gif karils_crossbow.gif Karil's $5.00
torags_helm.gif torags_platebody.gif torags_platelegs.gif torags_hammers.gif Torag's $5.00

Boxed Sets

Item Name Price (USD) Contents
dragonset.png Dragon Armor Set $10.00 Contents
potionset.png Potion Set $5.00 Contents
magicset.png Mage Pk Set $10.00 Contents
meleeset.png Melee Pk Set $18.00 Contents
rangerset.png Ranger Pk Set $15.00 Contents

Blessed d'hide

Item Name Price (USD)
10374.png 10370.png 10372.png Zamorak $20.00
10390.png 10386.png 10388.png Saradomin $20.00
10382.png 10378.png 10380.png Guthix $20.00


Item Name Price (USD)
3486.png 3481.png 3483.png 3485.png 3488.png Gilded $15.00
Third-age_full_helmet.png Third-age_platebody.png Third-age_platelegs.png Third-age_kiteshield.png 3rd Age Melee $30.00
Third-age_mage_hat.png Third-age_robe_top.png Third-age_robe.png Third-age_amulet.png 3rd Age Mage $30.00
10334.png Third-age_range_top.png Third-age_range_legs.png Third-age_vambraces.png 3rd Age Range $30.00



Item Name Price (USD)
Blue_partyhat.png Blue PartyHat $10.00
Red_partyhat.png Red PartyHat $10.00
Green_partyhat.png Green PartyHat $10.00
Purple_partyhat.png Purple PartyHat $10.00
White_partyhat.png White PartyHat $10.00
Yellow_partyhat.png Yellow PartyHat $10.00


Item Name Price (USD)
Orange_boater.png Orange boater $6.00
Green_boater.png Green boater $7.00
Red_boater.png Red boater $8.00
Blue_boater.png Blue boater $9.00
Black_boater.png Black boater $10.00


Item Name Price (USD)
Red_headband.png Red Headband $5.00
Brown_headband.png Brown Headband $6.00
Black_headband.png Black Headband $8.00


Item Name Price (USD)
Slayer_helmet.png Slayer helmet $10.00
Pirate%27s_hat.png Pirate's hat $8.00
Top_hat.png Top hat $15.00

Holiday Items


Item Name Price (USD)
Basket_of_eggs.png Basket of Eggs $10.00
Bunny_ears.png Bunny ears $10.00


Item Name Price (USD)
Scythe.png Scythe $10.00
Red_h%27ween_mask.png Red h'ween mask $10.00
Blue_h%27ween_mask.png Blue h'ween mask $10.00
Green_h%27ween_mask.png Green h'ween mask $10.00


Item Name Price (USD)
Red_marionette.png Green_marionette.png Blue_marionette.png Marionette $8.00
Santa_hat.png Santa hat $12.00

Robe sets


Item Name Price (USD)
Red_elegant_shirt.png Red_elegant_legs.png Red_elegant_blouse.png Red_elegant_skirt.png Red Elegant $10.00

Blue_elegant_shirt.png Blue_elegant_legs.png Blue_elegant_blouse.png Blue_elegant_skirt.png

Blue Elegant $10.00

Black_elegant_shirt.png Black_elegant_legs.png White_elegant_blouse.png White_elegant_skirt.png

Black Elegant $10.00

Purple_elegant_shirt.png Purple_elegant_legs.png Purple_elegant_blouse.png Purple_elegant_skirt.png

Purple Elegant $10.00


Item Name Price (USD)
Guthix_robe_top.png Guthix_robe_legs.png Guthix Robe Set $40.00
Zamorak_robe_top.png Zamorak_robe_legs.png Zamorak Robe Set $40.00
Saradomin_robe_top.png Saradomin_robe_legs.png Saradomin Robe Set $40.00


Item Name Price (USD)
15608.png 15606.png 15610.png Blue Infinity robes $40.00
15602.png 15600.png 15604.png White Infinity robes $40.00
15614.png 15612.png 15616.png Red Infinity robes $40.00
15620.png 15618.png 15622.png Brown Infinity robes $40.00


Item Name Price (USD)
dagonhaihat.png dagonhairobetop.png dagonhairobebottom.png Dagon'Hai Set $45.00
11663.png 11665.png 11664.png 8839.png 8840.png Void Knight Robe set $15.00
2754.gif 2759.gif 2756.gif Enchanted Robe set $15.00



Item Name Price (USD)
Armadyl-godsword-inv.png Armadyl Godsword $15.00
Zamorak-godsword-inv.png Zamorak Godsword $10.00
Saradomin-godsword-inv.png Saradomin Godsword $8.00
Bandos-godsword-inv.png Bandos Godsword $5.00


Item Name Price (USD)
Chaotic_maul.png Chaotic Maul $25.00
Chaotic_longsword.png Chaotic Longsword $20.00
Chaotic_rapier.png Chaotic Rapier $20.00


Item Name Price (USD)
sgj2uo.png Korasi's Sword $40.00
bscim.png Bandos' Scimitar $7.00
14484.png Dragon Claws $12.00
15486.png Staff of Light $10.00
Saradomin_sword.png Saradomin Sword $5.00



Item Name Price (USD)
Maxgold.png Coins x 2,147,483,647 $30.00


Item Name Price (USD)
Elysian_spirit_shield.png Elysian Spirit Shield $10.00
Spectral_spirit_shield.png Spectral Spirit Shield $10.00
Divine_spirit_shield.png Divine Spirit Shield $10.00
Arcane_spirit_shield.png Arcane Spirit Shield $10.00


Item Name Price (USD)
Flared_trousers.png Flared Trousers $20.00
Fire_cape.png Fire cape $12.00
11283.png Dragonfire Shield $8.00
Desert_boots.png Desert Boots $5.00


Item Name Price (USD) Info
Easter_egg.png Spawn Items $100.00 Important Details
Dump_Inventory.png Bank Anywhere $50.00 Important Details


Item Name Price (USD)
Quick_chat_button.png Name Change $15.00
stat.png From 1 to 99 in the skill of your choice $10.00

Important notes about abilities

Spawning Ability

This ability gives you the power to spawn almost any item in the game. However, there are many abilities you lose, to prevent ruining the economy.
The powers lost include the following...
Item Dropping
Selling Items to Shops
PK'ing (still can fight in funpk and fight pits)
etc. (other activities that include giving normal players items.)

Bank Anywhere Ability

This ability allows you to use the bank command (::bank) almost anywhere!
The only places you aren't able to use it are in the following places:
Fight Caves
The Wilderness
Duel arena

Boxed Set Info

Dragon Armor Set

1x Dragon 2h
1x Dragon Skirt
1x Dragon Legs
1x Dragon Full Helm
1x Dragon Kiteshield
1x Dragon Boots
1x Dragon Longsword
1x Dragon Full platebody
1x Dragon Battleaxe

Potion Set

1,000x Sara Brew
1,000x Super Restore
1,000x Zamarok Brew
1,000x Super Attack
1,000x Super Strength
1,000x Super Defense
1,000x Prayer potion
1,000x Anti Poison

Mage Pk Set

1x Mage Book
1x Master Wand
1x Sara Cape
1x Ancient Staff
1x Full Ahrim Set
1x Infinity Boot
1000x Barrage Runes [1k Water, 1k Death, 1k Blood]
1x Fury
1x Seers Ring

Melee Pk Set

1x Neitiznot Helm
1x Full Bandos [Chestplate, tassets, boots]
1x Fury
1x Firecape
1x Barrows Gloves
1x Dragon Defender
1x Abyssal Whip
1x Berserker Ring
1x DDS
500x Vengance Runes [500 Earth, 500 Death, 500 Astral]

Range Pk Set

500 Karils Bolt Racks
150 Dragon Arrows
1x Dark Bow
1x Fury
1x Archers Ring
500x Vengance Runes [500 Earth, 500 Death, 500 Astral]
1x Robin Set [Hat and boots]
1x Full Karils [Crossbow, Top and legs]

1x Firecape