Korasi's Sword

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Korasi's sword
Release date 7 October 2011 (Update)
Donator only? No
Quest item? No
Tradeable? No
Equipable? Yes
Stacks? No
High Alch 715,666,666 coins (TBC)
Low Alch 536,750,000 coins (TBC)
Destroy  ::empty
Store price N/A
Examine The sword of a Void Knight.
Weight 0 kg

Korasi's sword is a weapon that can be obtained either by donating or as a rare drop from the Mutant Tarn in the Wilderness. It was released on 7 October 2011, just over a year after it was released in Runescape. The sword requires 78 Attack and Strength to wield (TBC). It is one of the best, if not the best weapon in SilabGarza for Player-versus-Monster combat.

Korasi's sword also possesses a powerful special attack that can deal extremely high amounts of damage to monsters.

There is much controversy and debate surrounding the sword, in particular its use against monsters. Many players feel that the sword is too powerful and that players using other weapons cannot compete with players wielding this weapon, while others complain that it was weakened too much by the 24 April 2012 Update. In the January of 2013 update though, it has been given power in Player Vs Player. People think it's over powered now, but major pkers believe this is a start to a whole new kind of pking.


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Attack-icon.png Attack bonus Attack-icon.png 29px-Weapon_slot.png
Stab_Attack_Style.png Slash_Attack_Style.png Crush_Attack_Style.png Magic-icon.png Ranged-icon.png
+60 +70 -2 0 0
Defence-icon.png Defence bonus Defence-icon.png
Stab_Attack_Style.png Slash_Attack_Style.png Crush_Attack_Style.png Magic-icon.png Ranged-icon.png Summoning-icon.png
0 +1 0 0 0 N/A
Other bonuses
Strength-icon.png Prayer-icon.png
+70 0
Item compare not supported

Combat styles

CombatStyles_Longswords.png Name Combat style Type Melee experience
Chop Accurate Slash Attack
Slash Aggressive Slash Strength
Lunge Controlled Stab Shared (Attack, Strength, Defence)
Block Defensive Slash Defence

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Mutant Tarn 69 1 Very Rare
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